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Our Mentor
Our Mentor
Mentor's Message

Mr. Radheshyam Patel
Respected All,

Mathuradevi Institute of Technology & Management    is our group  initiative and our desire to make the most of any Individual. We are going to be responsible for "Imparting Knowledge" in the most industry relevent method and ensure that the students imbibe them. The education culture is  so designed will "Develop Confidence" of the students and make them industry ready in the true sense.

What industry needs today are management/Engineering graduates who are not only knowledgeable in management techniques, but also understand the fast-changing business environment, and with quick analysis, can adapt to such changes effectively and in good time, delivering sustainable results.

Mathuradevi Institute of Technology & Management today is synonymous with high-quality, international and industry-relevant courses and placements in the fields of, Business Management & Engineering . our students that whatever might be the circumstances of the economy or industry, he would be able to thrive and prosper.

It is this passion that keeps us going and is a small service to our great nation!! Jai Hind !

Yours truly,
Radhshyam Patel
Mentor & Group Director,